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Designed by Chicago youth and curated and hosted by the MCA's Teen Creative Agency, 21Minus is the MCA's annual exposition of teen creativity and passion. Join us for an afternoon of workshops, performances, art installations, and interventions—all designed to showcase the talents of the next generation of artists and cultural producers.

The event is free for people ages 21 and under and their families, though all are welcome to attend.

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21Minus Itinerary

  • **Sit back and enjoy our film festival
  • Noon–1:15 pm**

Watch work by young, talented filmmakers from around Chicago and North America.

  • **Join a jam session
  • Noon–3:30 pm**

The band Cashcats invites you to pick up an instrument, find your rhythm, and jam. No experience necessary.

  • **Take part in a balloon spectacle on the MCA Plaza (weather permitting)
  • Noon–3:30 pm**
  • Join the Rebirth Poetry Ensemble and play with poetry and balloons.

Leave your baggage at the door and let go of your inhibitions with a Balloon Smash, led by Jenna Falco.

  • **Catch pop-up performances by young dancers, vocalists, DJs, poets, and comedians
  • Noon–3:30 pm**
  • Be the lookout for playful and provocative interventions and interactions throughout the museum.


  • Alexandra Ranieri
  • Ashton Foston
  • Jacobi Alvarez, Sarah Morimoto, and Iris Hu
  • Joe Pesman and Samuel Wachtel
  • The Lincoln Park Glee Club
  • Luis Mejico
  • Tara Shanahan
  • Teen Arts Council from the University of Chicago Charter School Woodlawn
  • **Get up close and personal
  • Noon–3:30 pm**
  • Have an intimate conversation with Daniella Mazzio and Gracee Wallach.
  • Get your portrait taken by photographers from the Hyde Park Art Center.

Write minimalist poetry with Rob Colgate.

**Make art in unexpected ways

  • 1:30–3:30 pm**

Take part in collaborative, contemporary art making experiences:

  • Follow the rules—or break them—as you add to an installation with artist Richard Medina.
  • Contribute to our Sound Scrape with artists Daniel Fromberg, Celine Oberholzer, and Cameron Schiller.

**Learn something new in our Classroom of the Future

  • 1:30–3:30 pm**
  • Sit in on a session in our reimagined classroom. Our teen teachers share their passions for poetry, folk music, computer programming, and more.


  • Teen Arts Council from the University of Chicago Charter School Woodlawn
  • John Schechtman-Marko
  • Ezra Miller

**Join the finale and celebrate the close of 21Minus

3:45 pm**

And much more!

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© MCA Chicago
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