In collaboration with Chicago Film Archives and Nightingale Cinema, the MCA presents Stress/De-Stress, a night of expanded cinema and guided meditation. Amateur and industrial films come alive through a three projector performance set to a live reading by Chicago-based writers Mairead Case and Ed Crouse, and the music of Joshua Dumas.

Assisted by Chicago Film Archives, Nightingale Cinema’s Chirsty LeMaster dug through CFA’s vault to create a systematic three-projector program of soothing and relaxing images inspired by guided meditations. The images come from unexpected places. At times bustling images of downtown Chicago are paired with glimmering microscopic crystals and time-lapse photography of blooming flowers. These unlikely pairings create a relaxing environment to sit back and be guided by the words of Case and Crouse.

The program opens with a live, 16 mm film performance by artist Ian Curry, whose work focuses on manipulating film through experimental processes and designed apparatuses for presentation.