Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company


“One of the more moving and imaginative works I have ever seen on the American stage.”
—New Yorker

“The most adventurous downtown playwright of her generation.”
—New York Times

Is a feminist utopia clothing optional? In Young Jean Lee’s UNTITLED FEMINIST SHOW, six utterly charismatic artists from New York’s theater, dance, cabaret, and burlesque worlds perform a fully nude, wordless celebration of identity. This exhilarating work uses a dizzying array of modes to shake up gender norms through movement and music and express ideas about conventional and unconventional roles and expectations.

Full of paradoxes and juxtapositions of the best kind, the performance features comic vignettes, evocative video images, and contemporary dance. With the absence of words—and clothes—what inhabits the stage are a series of ideas: those of the fiercely talented Young Jean Lee, the performers, and the audience members. As UNTITLED FEMINIST SHOW unfolds, it constantly surprises, twisting and turning in hilarious ways that both reveal and challenge the viewers’ assumptions about gender politics. The cast is comprised of Becca Blackwell, known for pushing gender boundaries; Desiree Burch, a solo performance artist, comedian, and writer; Erin Markey, a comedic and conceptual musical performer; and performance artists and dancers Katy Pyle, Malinda Ray Allen, and Jennifer Rosenblit.

Running time: 60 minutes, no intermission
Recommended for mature audiences: performance contains (a lot of) nudity.