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Family Day: Color Me in Space


Shared art experiences. New every time.

Interact with each other as you creatively explore new and familiar spaces in colorful, fresh ways.


  • Creation station: Brick by Brick
  • Build a collaborative fort with artist Cheryl Pope.

Education Center, first floor

  • Creation station: Moiré Workshop

With James Goggin, MCA Chicago Director of Design, Print, and Digital Media, experiment with colors, lines, and shapes to create your own designs.

2nd-floor atrium

  • Creation Station: Window Drawings

Fade out winter darkness and bring color and light into the museum space as you make scratch-drawings with artist Kristin Sabatino.

4th-floor lobby

  • Look & Learn
  • Station start times: noon, 12:30, 1, and 1:30 pm

Explore the exhibition Without You I’m Nothing together as a family and talk about the artwork and your ideas with artist Rachel Harper.

  • Scavenger Hunt

We spend time in many different places. Each space makes us feel different. Use clues to find six artworks about the many ways that we interact with places and spaces.