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Workshop with Diego Piñón: Butoh Ritual Mexicano


Diego Piñón’s unique style of teaching incorporates more than 25 years of research in Mexican energetic traditions, Japanese Butoh, ritual and modern dance, and contemporary theater. He has developed techniques that stimulate, expand, and recapture the body’s energy through the senses and movement. Group exercises engage perception, imagination, and creativity to support the expression of each individual’s experiences through dance.

Butoh Ritual Mexicano Dance is both emotionally intense and physically challenging. The body’s energy transforms perceived limitations. This experience reinvigorates the body’s capacity to feel and dance. It is from this enhanced energetic opening that the creative, artistic work can begin to emerge. This workshop is appropriate for performers, non-performers, and anyone wishing to cultivate a dynamic exchange.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first Ankoku Butoh performance in Tokyo, Nicole LeGette's blushing poppy productions presents a series of public events in Chicago throughout 2009–10 titled, Butoh 50 Years: A New Vision? The series examines the global artistic and social impact of this complex form of dance-theater, and evaluates its continued development and relevance. Partnerships with several Chicago arts organizations feature local, national, and international butoh artists in workshops, lectures, and performances.