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Al’s Grand Hotel



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Allen Ruppersberg proposes Al’s Grand Hotel for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s exhibition 24 Young Los Angeles Artists, which also includes Vija Celmins, Robert Cumming, and William Wegman.


Billy Al Bengston rents out Allen Ruppersberg’s Al’s Grand Hotel to throw a party.


Dennis Hopper visits Allen Ruppersberg’s installation Al’s Grand Hotel.


Terry Allen records a live album at the opening night of Allen Ruppersberg’s Al’s Grand Hotel and spends the night in the “Al Room.”


A year after Al Ruppersberg’s Al’s Grand Hotel takes place, Lynn Hershman Leeson and Eleanor Coppola decide to transform two rooms in the Dante Hotel, a transient hotel in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. On Halloween 1973, Hershman Leeson places two life-size wax cast figures, one black and one white, under rumpled bed sheets, surrounded by her belongings. For nine months, visitors in the know are allowed to sign in at the front desk and view the installation for free. The installation ends when someone visits the room at 3 am, mistakes the wax figures for corpses, and calls the police, who collect all the objects and take them back to the station.

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