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Judith Barry




Judith Barry is born in Columbus.




Judith Barry moves to the San Francisco Bay Area to work at an architecture firm.

late 1970s 1974

Judith Barry pursues studies with Bertrand Augst at the University of California, Berkeley, and the San Francisco Art Institute.

mid-1970s 1975

Lynn Hershman Leeson invites Judith Barry’s Motion to be a part of an art fair in Bologna with Arturo Schwarz.

1970s 1977

Judith Barry often performs at the Woman’s Building in Los Angeles.


Judith Barry organizes Seven Sundays After the Fall at La Mamelle, an alternative art space in San Francisco. This series of performances by women includes women from the Woman’s Building in Los Angeles. Barry conducts discussion groups with over 80 women performance artists in the region.


Judith Barry contributes an outdoor sound installation as part of Lynn Hershman Leeson’s 1977 Floating Museum project (H)errata.


Lynn Hershman Leeson invites Motion to be a part of her Global Space Phase Invasion II project through the Floating Museum at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, out of which comes Judith Barry’s Kaleidoscope performance and subsequent video.


Judith Barry helps found Motion, a women’s movement collective.



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Judith Barry teaches a class about video and performance at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and creates the video Space Invaders with SAIC students at the home of Laura Kipnis.

1980s 1985

Judith Barry teaches at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

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