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Judy Chicago begins working on Womanhouse with Feminist Art Program participants.

1971–72 1971

Miriam Schapiro participates in the historic Womanhouse installation with Judy Chicago and 21 other women artists, many of whom are students at the Feminist Art Program. For her contribution, Schapiro and her assistant create The Dollhouse using old liquor crates to create a six-room house featuring a parlor, a kitchen, a movie star’s bedroom, a harem room, a nursery, and an artist’s studio with a male model made of stuffed fabric and a miniature version of Sixteen Windows on an easel.

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In this 2017 video, Judy Chicago explains her dissatisfaction with the male-dominated arts education she received at UCLA and how it inspired her to develop the Feminist Art Program at Fresno State College and the *Womanhouse* project.


In January and February, Judy Chicago, Miriam Schapiro, and 21 other women artists, many from the Feminist Art Program, participate in Womanhouse, a collaborative art installation staged in an abandoned Hollywood mansion.



Experience the _Womanhouse_ Kitchen. Excerpt from the documentary film *Womanhouse*, 1974, directed by Johanna Demetrakas. The Getty Research Institute, 2896-034. © Johanna Demetrakas.

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Consciousness-Raising and Collaboration


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