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A man stands in profile intently browsing art in gallery

Laurie Simmons: Big Camera/Little Camera
Exhibition Opening Preview Events 5:30-7:00 PM Circle VIP Preview 7:00-9:00 PM Members' Preview

Braxton Black for Jeremy Lawson Photography

Daily Tours

Free With Admission

1 pm and 2 pm
1 pm
1 pm and 6 pm
1 pm and 2 pm
On the first Sunday of the month, the 2 pm tour will be in Spanish

About Daily Tours

Want to know more about what’s on view? Docents give tours of the museum’s exhibitions that take a deeper dive into the work on view. Tours meet at the second-floor admissions desk and last about 45 minutes.

Live interpretation events are organized by Rosie May, Associate Director of Interpretation and Visitor Research, and Meagan Burger, Manager of Interpretation.


Tour guide and visitors with artwork

Our intimate tours offer engaging conversations with docents or artist guides. Pictured: Public tour of The Language of Less (Then and Now), Oct 18, 2011

Photo: Nathan Keay © MCA Chicago

To maintain social distancing, the MCA is currently only offering Private Tours

Private Tours

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West by Midwest, Exhibition Opening Preview Events

Braxton Black for Jeremy Lawson Photography

Private guided tours are led by artist guides—practicing artists who receive special training around each MCA exhibition. Our guides are experts at sharing background information about the artists and artworks, providing social and historical context, and creating connections with everyday life.