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Direct Message: Art, Language, and Power

Seven black-and-white illustrations hang on a white wall. While some depict what appears to be images of violence, others show mundane objects like a bed, cart, and raft.


Mika Rottenberg: Easypieces

In a short animation, light-skinned hands with vivid yellow finger nails repeatedly massage a large mass of mint-green goo.

Surreal, absurdist, and satirical video works merge with immersive environments.

Christina Quarles

A dynamic composition of many colors and patterns shows two humanoid figures that are complexly intertwined.

Explore the universal experience of existing within a body and the intersectional connections of identity.

Commons Artist Project: blkHaUS studios

Two people stand on small mounds that are woven like wicker baskets. They are surrounded by four other similar mounds and urban greenery.

Folayemi Wilson and Norman Teague’s Chicago-based, socially focused design studio asks if understanding the stories of personal collections can transform the priorities of museums.

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