Exhibitions on view

  • Chicago Works:Assaf Evron
    A photograph of a light-colored rock formation shows a cross-section of sediment lines.
    1. Long A photographic print of a desert scene features a rock formation against a blue sky on a sun-filled day. The formation is made up of layers of sediment colored in a range of cream, sand, tan, and umber. The sun rakes across the surface to reveal the texture of the rock and creates long shadows. The central sediment lines are squiggly, winding horizontally across the surface of the rock. Dark crevices appear at the base of the formation and small, dried-up vegetation grows sporadically across the rocky ground. It appears as though it could dried-up riverbed.
  • Commons Artist Project:blkHaUS studios
    Two people stand on small mounds that are woven like wicker baskets. They are surrounded by four other similar mounds and urban greenery.
  • Mika Rottenberg: Easypieces
    In a short animation, light-skinned hands with vivid yellow finger nails repeatedly massage a large mass of mint-green goo.
  • Routes and Territories
    Two adults stand in an open field.
  • Becoming the Breeze: Alex Chitty with Alexander Calder
    A screen capture of a YouTube video shows a small yellow mobile on a table. Above it, a person with red lips appears to blow on it.
  • The Shape of the Future
    In a complex but quiet scene, a tennis court occupies the foreground. Behind the court are a line of modernist buildings, with the Egyptian pyramids looming in the distance.
  • Atrium Project:Ad Minoliti
    An abstracted group of curvy shapes is flatly rendered in vivid shades of green, purple, pink, red, and blue.