Exhibitions on view

  • Heaven and Earth: Alexander Calder and Jeff Koons
    Small white circles connected by thin wire balance opposite a thicker orange wire weighted by an orange rudder-like shape hanging from the edge of a white table.
  • Atrium Project:Federico Herrero
    A large wall features a prominent, colorful mural. Light shining from windows casts colorful shadows on the floor.
  • Laurie Simmons: Big Camera/Little Camera
    A black-and-white photo shows a film camera next to a much smaller version of itself.
  • Groundings
    A nude adult with masculine shoulders wears cowboy boots on their hands and feet. They stand on one of their hands with their feet splayed across the corner of a room lit in red.
    1. Long A person poses dramatically balanced on one arm, limbs spread in various directions–each adorned with a cowboy boot. One booted arm points towards us and both legs splay out to touch the walls of the nearby corner. The person faces away from you, back flexing from the contortion of their pose. The lighting of the photograph is dramatic and dream-like, with one light source casting red shadows and an orange glow, while another light casts green shadows. The figure's shadow spreads across the wall revealing the outline of male genitals.
  • Commons Artist Project:Public Fiction with Triple Canopy
    A yellow-tinged scene features three sculptural busts resting upright on a transparent pedestal. Two smiling McDonald's chicken nugget characters face forward in front of a shimmery backdrop.
  • Chicago Works:Jessica Campbell
    A lopsided man who appears inebriated sits jauntily in a chair. One of his hands holds a smoking cigar while the other rests on the curvaceous butt of a nearby woman who stands, painting on an easel.
  • Jonathas de Andrade: One to One
    A man wearing a striped polo shirt purses his lips while placing his index fingers in each ear.
  • Prisoner of Love
    The words "DEATH," "LOVE," "HATE," "PLEASURE," "PAIN," and "LIFE" appear in illuminated neon, organized in a circle against a black background. In order, their colors are orange, purple, pink, green, and blue.