Who We Are

Board of Trustees


Their leadership and passion for the arts shape the museum, and their generosity enables much of our work.



Michael O’Grady

Vice Chairs

Leslie Bluhm
King Harris*
Anne L. Kaplan*
Cari B. Sacks


Nickol Hackett


Marquis D. Miller


Sara Albrecht
Michael Alper
Peter Barack
Rob Bellick
Julie Bernstein
Gerhard Bette
Marlene Breslow-Blitstein
Marc Brooks
Michael Canmann
Ellen-Blair Chube
Carol Cohen
Nancy Crown
Dimitris Daskalopoulos
Robert H. Defares
Cheryl S. Durst
Stefan Edlis+
Lois Eisen
Dr. Julius Few
Larry Fields
Nicholas Giampietro
James A. Gordon
Kenneth C. Griffin
Madeleine Grynsztejn**
Jack Guthman
John B. Harris
Cynthia Hunt
Liz Lefkofsky
Jonathan Levin
Ron Levin
James H. Litinsky
Laura Keidan Martin
Carrie Reyes Murphy
Sylvia Neil
Kate Neisser
Martin Nesbitt
Ashley Hemphill Netzky
Jay Owen Jr.
Carol Prins
Eve Rogers
Joshua Rogers
Ilan Shalit
William Silverstein
Sara Szold
Nigel F. Telman
Ellen B. Wallace**
Dia S. Weil
Pedro Weiss
Ben Weprin
Helen Zell*

Life Trustees

Marilynn B. Alsdorf+
John D. Cartland*
Marshall Front
Helyn D. Goldenberg*
William Hood
Mary Ittelson*
Don Kaul
Sally Meyers Kovler*
Gael Neeson
Penny Pritzker*
Dorie Sternberg
Daryl Gerber Stokols
Donna A. Stone
Marjorie Susman
Allen M. Turner*

Artist Trustee

Lorna Simpson

Emeritus Trustees

Jennifer Aubrey
Donald J. Edwards

*Past Chair
+In Memoriam

As of March 2020

Featured image

Three teen girls, two teen boys, and an older woman stand arm in arm in front of an artwork that depicts concentric, multicolor squares.
Former Board Chair Anne L. Kaplan poses with members of the Teen Creative Agency during the Board of Trustees’ Annual Reception
Photo: Jeremy Lawson Photography, © MCA Chicago

Featured image

Two older white men in suits stand at a podium holding an award shaped like a silver balloon animal dog.
Former Board Chair King Harris presents the 2016 Corporate Art Award to David Jacobson, Vice Chair of BMO Financial Group, May 9, 2016
Photo: Kristen Norman for Jeremy Lawson Photography, © MCA Chicago