Facts and Figures


The MCA collects a vast amount of data that tell the story of our exhibitions, programs, events, and community. This section presents a selection of those facts and figures. New visualizations will appear regularly.

The most popular day to visit

It’s no surprise that Tuesday, our free day, is the most popular day to visit the MCA.
As of Nov 2015.

Members’ savings in the store

  • MCA Store purchases 10.0%

    Total saved: $89,221.33

  • David Bowie Is Satellite Store purchases 30.0%

    Total saved: $21,449.08

  • MCA Store online purchases 60.0%

    Total saved: $4,241.43

Members receive a 10% discount year-round in the MCA Store. Their savings really add up!
As of Nov 2015.

CPS students taking free tours

Each year, thousands of students from nearly 150 CPS schools engage with contemporary art through our free, artist-led tours.
As of Nov 2015.

Number of web pages

With weekly blog posts, additions to the collection, and an ever-evolving community, watch this number rise as our website continues to grow.
As of Nov 11, 2015.

Works that are titled Untitled

Lack of a title shouldn’t be seen as a failure of creativity on the part of an artist: many artists title their works Untitled to encourage viewers to draw their own conclusions.
As of Nov 2015.

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