Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

This Will Have Been: Art, Love & Politics in the 1980s

Feb 11–Jun 3, 2012

In Ghost (I don’t live today), Christian Marclay plays a “phonoguitar,” a contraption of his own invention that allows him to play records in the same stance assumed when playing a guitar. The record Marclay uses here is the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s 1967 debut album Are You Experienced, and concert footage of Hendrix (American, 1942–70) plays behind him. In this way Marclay positions himself between the ecstasy of Hendrix’s iconic 1960s countercultural rebellion, signified by his virtuosic guitar solos, and the burgeoning field of hip-hop, in which scratching allows the turntable to become an instrument and sampling can be seen as a form of appropriation.