Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

This Will Have Been: Art, Love & Politics in the 1980s

Feb 11–Jun 3, 2012

1. Helen Molesworth: Introduction download
2. Helen Molesworth: Democracy download
3. Lorraine O’Grady: Art is… download
4. Donald Moffett: Call the White House download
5. Donald Moffett: Gran Fury: Kissing Doesn’t Kill download
6. Guerilla Girls: The Advantage of Being a Woman Artist download
7. Helen Molesworth: Gender Trouble download
8. Helen Molesworth: The End is Near download
9. Allan McCollum: Collection of Ten Plaster Surrogates download
10. David Salle: Autopsy download
11. Tony Tasset: Button Progression download
12. Mary Heilmann: Tehachapi #2 download
13. Dotty Attie: An Eminent Painter download
14. Helen Molesworth: Desire and Longing download
15. Laurie Simmons: Blue Living Room download
16. Haim Steinbach: Untitled (cabbage, pumpkin, pitchers) #1 download
17. Silvia Kolbowski: Model Pleasure III download
Download all (.zip) download