Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

Liam Gillick

Lapsed Reduction, 2008

Powder coated aluminum and transparent red Plexiglas.

78 23/32 x 118 3/32 x 11 26/32 in. (200 x 300 x 30 cm)

Gift of Mary and Earle Ludgin by exchange.

Liam Gillick’s work explores systems of social and political authority, particularly how they manifest through architecture, applied art, and design. Lapsed Reduction, with its dynamic use of colored aluminum and Plexiglas, suggests interior or exterior architectural forms while simultaneously transforming the viewer’s experience of the gallery space. This works is part of Gillick’s ongoing project titled Construccion de Uno – Construction of One, which is loosely based on Brazilian studies that examine the failure of progressive production methods in the Swedish automobile industry, and has resulted in works in different media, including fictional writings, public discussions, film, and videos that reflect the complex dynamics of a technology-based society.